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Bialetti “Diva” Single-Serve Italian Espresso System will Launch Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s

The Modern and Sleek “Diva” with a Swipe-to-Brew Button Delivers True, Authentic Italian Espresso in Seconds

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (July 15, 2013) Bialetti (www.bialetti.com), the leading Italian coffee maker company, announced today that its new “Diva” single-serve espresso system will
launch exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and bloomingdales.com September 2013.

“We’re thrilled that Bloomingdale’s shares the same enthusiasm of bringing the Italian espresso experience to its upscale clientele,” said Jason Vaske, Sr. Product Manager, Bradshaw International. “The Bialetti Diva is the perfect match for their shoppers as it is elegant, yet modern and features a true Italian espresso experience in a single-serve system.
Since the introduction of the Moka Express 80 years ago, Bialetti has been Italy’s most loved coffee brand, so consumers will love that it offers a rich, authentic shot of espresso with the perfect crema.”

With its sleek, space-saving design, the Diva system features a touch-sensitive, swipe-to-brew button for two programmable options: a long or short espresso shot; a 20-bar (290 psi), highpressure system that ensures the perfect cup of Italian espresso in seconds; and an adjustable height tray to accommodate different sized cups.

The Diva also features a 20 fl. oz removable water tank and an auto-expulsion system, eliminating the need to manually remove used capsules after each use as it automatically ejects used capsules into a removable capsule collector. To conserve energy, the system includes an auto-shutoff. 

The Diva uses Bialetti’s exclusive Italian roasted espresso blends called I Caffè d’Italia packed in individual recyclable, aluminum capsules to ensure freshness. Each capsule features 7- grams of espresso, which is the ideal amount and advantage to this superior brew. More than
a beverage, coffee is an experience, and Bialetti understands Italians’ love affair with coffee.
With different blends for different tastes, everyone can find a flavor that satisfies, including:
• “Milano” made from a 100% Arabica blend. The result is a light roast with a smooth,
light body featuring a fragrant & fruity flavor.
• “Venezia” incorporates raw beans and lightly roasted Arabica blends to create a
light-bodied, delicate espresso with vanilla accents.
• “Roma” is an aromatic dark roast with a rich, bold taste. The complex flavor offers an
elegant note of dried fruit and embodies the true Roman preference for a strong
• “Napoli” is made from African blends dark roasted and finely ground to create a
hearty espresso with a strong flavor profile and a sharp cacao finish.
• “Deca” is a decaffeinated medium roast made from a perfect balance of Arabica and

Robusta blends to produce a velvety, enveloping texture.
Starting with premium beans sourced from around the world, each blend is slow-roasted in the traditional Italian way to bring out its own distinctive flavor profile that reflects each region in Italy’s unique traditions and techniques for enjoying the espresso ritual. After the panel of tasting experts ensures that each batch meets exacting standards, Bialetti grinds, packs and seals each blend in 7-gram aluminum capsules that ensure the ultimate in freshness for up to
two years.

To complement Bialetti’s single-serve offering, Bloomingdale’s and bloomingdales.com will also carry the original Bialetti Moka Express collection of stovetop coffee makers that made a
debut 80 years ago; as well as the newly released Bialetti French Presses for a more traditional brewing experience.
The Bialetti Diva will launch exclusively at Bloomingdale’s nationwide and on bloomingdales.com in September 2013 and is available in black and red for an MSRP of $315.
Each machine comes with 10 I Caffè d’Italia espresso capsules to sample. I Caffè d’Italia espresso capsules will also be available in packs of 16 for an MSRP of $9.99. The Moka Express is available in 3, 6 and 9-cup sizes for $29.99 – $44.99. The Bialetti French Presses are available for $27.99 – $39.99.

For more information about Bialetti and its products, please visit www.bialetti.com or find us on
Facebook at www.facebook.com/bialettiusa.