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Bialetti Produces New “Autentico” Web Series Featuring Chef Fabio Viviani

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (May 15, 2014) Bialetti (www.bialetti.com), the leading Italian coffee maker and cookware company, announced today the launch of “Autentico” a series of web shorts featuring America’s favorite Italian Chef, Fabio Viviani. These documentary-style videos candidly discuss Italian traditions and debunk what Americans might perceive to be Italian in over a dozen segments.

“For the last four years, Chef Fabio and our team have had many conversations about what is and isn’t Italian, so we thought it would be fun to recreate some of those conversations in short videos,” said Jason Vaske, Director of Marketing, Bialetti. “As usual, Fabio is direct, funny and engaging, yet he delivers little pieces of Italian ‘facts’ in each piece—Authentic Italian, if you will.”

The 40-second to 2-minute Bialetti “Autentico” videos will be released over the next 12 months on Bialetti.com, as well as Bialetti’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel. Topics touched on are Italians’ perspective on food, Italian coffee 101, what sauces really go with what type of pasta, “fast food” in Italy, and many more. However, there’s a twist to each video; for example, in “Italian dressing” Chef Fabio humorously talks about the fact that in Italy, there is no such thing as Italian dressing – it’s just extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

“People who are interested in Italy, its culture, food, espresso or who are traveling to Italy for the first time will really get a kick out of these videos,” said Chef Fabio Viviani, Spokesperson for Bialetti. “If I had to describe the series I would say, ‘Imagine behind the scenes out-takes from a cooking segment, where you get to see and hear very straight forward facts and misconceptions about Italy and Italian culture.”

For more information about Bialetti and its products, please visit www.bialetti.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bialettiusa.